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Off Broadway:

Alexa recently served as Associate Choreographer for the York Theatre's production of 
The Jerusalem Syndrome

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Cats National Tour | Demeter


"There are some notable featured moments...  Alexa Racioppi and Emma Hearn give a sinuous, sexy, jazzy tribute to that Macheath-like feline felon, Macavity..."

-Bob Ashby DC Metro


"Act Two was just as brilliant as the first... sexy movements to the sultry duets of Demeter (Alexa Racioppi) and Bombalurina (Emma Hearn)."

-Craig Richardson Broadway World 


"Among the standouts were... Alexa Racioppi and Emma Hearn as Demeter and Bombalurina extolling the bad-boy qualities of Macavity the Mystery Cat."

-James D Watts Jr. Tulsa World


"The vampy “Macavity,” detailing the misdeeds of the show’s mysterious villain, as Alexa Racioppi and Emma Hearn play it could easily be put on in a smoky jazz club."

-Stephanie Rudig Washington City Paper


"Alexa Racioppi resonates as Demeter... sings an arresting Macavity."

-André Hereford Metro Weekly

A Chorus Line | Val

Nominated for a Connecticut Critics Circle Award for best featured actress in a musical


"Alexa Racioppi as Val, delivers the best “tits and ass” sequence (“Dance: Ten: Looks: Three”) I’ve ever seen... – it’s sassy and stylish and basically demands that the audience acknowledge the essence of what the song is about."

-Geary Danihy Connecticut Critics Circle


"Her [Alexa] performance of “Dance: Ten; Looks: Three” is hands down the best number in the show."

-Tim Leininger Journal Inquirer


"Opening act two with “Dance, Ten; Looks, Three” (aka Tits and Ass) is Alexa Racioppi, who, as Val, brings down the house."                                                

 -Don Church and Tony Schillaci Critics On The Aisle


“'Dance: Ten; Looks: Three' is certainly one of them [showstoppers], especially as performed with joyful dynamism by Alexa Racioppi (Val), whose sheer gutter-mouthed glee is irresistible."

-Brooks Appelbaum Shoreline Times


"Alexa Racioppi's Val was perky and hilarious during 'Dance: Ten, Looks: Three'."

-Joseph Harrison Broadway World

Grease | Patty Simcox

"Miss Alexa Racioppi as 'Patty Simcox'- an absolutely charming performance."

-Howard Steven Frydman The Howard


"Patty, the goody, goody girl, who is more annoying than mean, is bouncingly brought to life by Alexa Racioppi, who is perfection as the beautiful cheerleader trying unsuccessfully to steal Danny away from Sandy."

-Don Church and Tony Schillaci Critics On The Aisle

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